1. Project-Management

In the first instance we will come to meet to discuss the brief, budget and timelines. We have experience in managing project progress and will pro-actively communicate any problems or delays. We will agree milestones and timelines with you and can remind stakeholders of content or input required and their associated deadlines.

2. Conception and Pre-Production

Our Creatives can come and discuss your requirements and help in the concept and planning stages to make sure that we are creating content that it suited to your audience. We can be present at brainstorming sessions and can create story-boards and offer critique at this important stage.

3. Production

With 15 years experience of creating video content, we have excellent links to studios, rental houses, and a small, hand picked crew of Directors, Producers and DOPs drawn from different disciplines across the film, television and commercials industry, all with a proven record in creating work of a consistently high standard.

4. Post-Production

We have edit suites in London and on the South Coast and can even come and cut the video with you at your place of business, so you are involved in the editing process every step of the way. We specialise in the encoding techniques needed to get content mobile and web ready and have Editors, Graders and Dubbing Mixers eager to make your content shine.

5. SEO

While we understand that 'Content is King', more importantly we believe that 'Consumption is King Kong'. Put simply, we will make you some great content, but together we need to ensure that - whether it is for internal or external use - it has some cracking Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) behind it to make sure that it is easy to find.

6. Social Media

Once we have made your content easy for search engines to find, we need to ensure that it is passed from peer to peer. We have experience in getting people interacting with video content cross-platform through a variety of methods. We can evaluate scope and help devise strategy for social media and have experience in implementing social media support for one-off content or campaigns.